Is a Hot Water Heater Booster Worth the Money?

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How to Deal With Low Water Pressure and Heat

Are you struggling with low hot water in your home? Does it feel like you are constantly adjusting the temperature on your hot water heater? If these are things you find yourself constantly fighting against, you may want to consider a new solution. There are a few options on the market that could work, but the best option for your needs may actually be a booster. Connect with Chattanooga Water Heater Co. today about a water heater booster for your Chattanooga, TN property. We’re available at 423-718-7342 now. 

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What is a Water Heater Booster?

A hot water heater booster is a device that can be attached to your existing hot water heater. With it, cold water is mixed with hot water from an input valve and delivered to you. Then, if you have a tank water heater, the booster helps to conserve that hot water without wasting energy. This means you’ll have hot water more readily available between uses than you would without it. Is this something you need? Maybe! Boosters are a great investment for those that need multiple sources of hot water throughout their home. Or for those that are truly struggling with hot water production on their property. Adding a water heater booster can help you with these problems and then some. If you are struggling with low hot water pressure, this is another ideal solution. Boosters are a sound investment for an energy-efficient home, just like blown in attic insulation installation is as well. 

Benefits of a Water Heater Booster

So are there any advantages to a booster for your hot water heater? There actually are! Getting a water heater booster can seem like an additional item that you don’t need, but there are a number of advantages to this appliance. While they can be expensive initially, installing a water heater booster in Chattanooga, TN homes can ultimately help to save you money in the long run. What other benefits are there?

  • More Hot Water: As the name suggests, a water heater with a booster will have increased hot water. Even more than that, you’ll have improved water pressure which can help preserve your plumbing. 
  • Energy Efficient: In comparison to a complete water heating system, booster use less energy but produce similar if not better results. That in mind, even the best hot water heater boosters will only operate efficiently when attached to a hot water heater. 
  • Easy Installation: If you have already purchased a booster for your water heater, then installation will be relatively easy. Again, when compared to a complete water heating system, the installation of a water heater booster is incredibly easy. 
  • Water Conservation: With a booster, you’ll actually use less water overall throughout your home. That’s because hot water is stored for longer between uses so you won’t have to wait as long for the water to get to the right temperature. 

It’s important to note that all of these benefits are dependent on a quality installation. Though we mentioned installation is easy, it’s not something that should be attempted by someone inexperienced. Yes, there are several sites that can teach you how-to install a water heater booster, but there are many factors in your home and with your hot water heater. Rather than take your chances, rely on Chattanooga Water Heater Co. for all your installation and maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do water heater boosters work?
    • Yes, they do. Water heater boosters help to decrease the amount of down time between use. Rather than waiting for the water to heat up again, a booster can help multiple people in your home use hot water over a short period of time. 
  • How does a hot water heater booster work?
    • These systems work by mixing cold water in from the input valve with the hot water that comes out of the hot water valve. What this means is you’ll have more consistent hot water every time you turn on the tap. You won’t have to wait for it to heat up. 
  • What is a hot water tank booster?
    • A hot water tank booster is a mixing valve that can be installed with your existing water heater. The booster mixes hot and cold water to reach the desired temperature that you expect from your water heater every time. 
  • Why would I have no hot water pressure?
    • This could be the result of a number of issues. Most likely it’s because something like sediment, rust, calcium deposits or other debris are clogging the plumbing lines. 
  • How can I get hot water faster?
    • You can always increase the temperature setting on your hot water. If that’s already as high as it will go and you still need more heat, you can install a booster to increase the amount of heat you are receiving.
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