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If your water heater needs to be replaced, you may want to consider making the switch to electric. While many homes have propane or natural gas already installed, electric water heaters often offer more options for your home. As water heater specialists, the experienced team at Chattanooga Water Heater Co. can give you plenty of guidance when it comes to electric water heater replacement and installation in Chattanooga, TN, and surrounding cities. Find out more about our services or schedule us by calling 423-718-7342.

Our Electric Water Heater Service Offerings.

Although many homes have natural gas or propane water heaters, electric water heaters may be a good choice for your household. Size matters when it comes to standard tank water heaters and electric water heaters tend to come in more sizes that will best fit your needs. The wrong size water heater can affect performance, such as not producing water at a high enough temperature.

Also, if the unit is too small, usage will put a strain on it and cause it to wear out faster than normal. For any assistance with electric water heater installation in Chattanooga, TN, give the experienced professionals at Chattanooga Water Heater Co. a call at 423-718-7342. If space is a concern, most electric units tend to take up less space than their gas counterparts. Another space-saving option is an electric tankless unit. We replace and install tankless water heaters as well.

Our service professionals are skilled at installing all varieties of the standard tank and tankless water heaters. Choosing us for electric water heater installation guarantees you nothing less than exceptional service. From helping you choose the right size water heater for your household to impeccable installation, you never have to worry about poor quality. Along with receiving standard manufacturer’s warranties, we back our service with a one-year warranty on labor.

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To ensure the highest quality in electric water heater replacement and installation, trust the reliable professionals at Chattanooga Water Heater Co.. You can schedule us by texting or calling 423-718-7342. Receive same-day service if you call before noon.

Travis Mullis
Replaced element in 50 gallon electric water heater.
Travis Mullis
Repaired 50 gallon electric water heater.
Travis Mullis
Repaired 40 gallon elecrtic water heater. Replaced lower element.
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Perfect. Great guys with tons of knowledge. I would highly recommend them.
Excellent father son duo. They came to our house the very next day to fix our hot water heater. They were going to come same day, but we were out of town for a wedding. Highly recommend this company.
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