Do All Water Heaters Have a Water Heater Booster?

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Increase Hot Water Distribution

A common complaint in large households is the hot water running out in the middle of a shower. Perhaps your water heater is aging and about to quit working, maybe your water heater isn’t large enough for the demands? Or may you simply need a water heater booster installed? 

What is a water heater booster and what does a water heater booster do?

A water heater booster is just what the name implies: It boosts water to heat up. It allows your water heater to provide more hot water than the existing water tank can. So, how does a booster water heater work? 

This small device is installed on the water line and mixes cold water coming from the input valve and heats the water, releasing it through the hot water valve. This device is activated when it detects the water temperature in the tank. This can almost double the amount of time you have hot water at your ready and is compatible with electric-powered or gas-powered water heaters.

How long does hot water boost take?

When the water heater booster kicks in, only part of the water is heated to the specified temperature. But it happens quickly in comparison to the normal wait time for an entire water tank to heat. 

In an E-7 system, the water heater booster takes approximately 60 minutes to heat ten percent of the water in the tank. This is sufficient hot water or a standard shower time. In a non-E-7 setup, the water heater booster will take approximately 30 minutes for that same ten percent amount of water. 

The key factor to a water heater booster working faster is where it is installed. An installation at the tank top will only result in 10% water heated in the tank. If the device is installed mid-way of the tank, 30% of the water will be heated by the water heater booster. And when the water heater booster device is installed closer to the bottom, you’ll have as much as 90% of the water heated within 30 minutes. 

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Does your water heater come with a booster?

No, water heaters do not come with a water heater booster. Water heater boosters are an affordable, after-market device that you can have installed with the water heater or afterward. 

This is an energy-efficient device that is an ideal solution for any household with a water heater that can’t keep up with their demands. This is an investment that can a homeowner from buying a new water heater before they are ready. 

Do hot water booster pumps work, are hot water heater boosters worth it?

As previously mentioned, a water heater booster can increase your hot water between 30% and 90%, depending on where it is in reference to the existing water heater tank.  There are other benefits of having a water heater booster:

  • Energy Saver: Many water heater boosters offer different modes like Eco Mode or Vacation Mode that will switch off when there isn’t a need for additional hot water.  
  • Space Saver: Water heater tanks take up enough space, typically around 60” x 24”. A water heater booster is a small addition that takes virtually no space. 
  • Money Saver: A new water heater is an expense most homeowners aren’t readily able to purchase, and the larger the capacity, the more the need for hot water for your family. 
  • Easy Install: Installing a replacement water heater isn’t the easiest thing, requires a professional plumber and city inspection. A water heater booster is designed for easy installation. Most will use the same power supply as the water heater tank and the cables needed are included with the water heater booster. 
  • Freeze Protector: Water heater boosters can often include a thermistor that detects dangerously low water temperature. This protects your water heater and conserves energy.
  • Scalding Protection: Even with the water heater set at the maximum temperature for hot water, a water heater booster acts as a protector, turning the temperature down.

How do you install a water heater booster?

Follow these 5 fundamental Water Heater Booster installation processes: 

  1. Turn the water off, prepare the water supply lines and turn the water heater off. 
  2. Attach the cold-water supply valve to the water heater booster cold water inlet and the hot water supply valve to the water heater booster hot water outlet.
  3. Install the proper connector that allows cold water to flow into the hot water mixing valve.
  4. Reconnect all water supply lines to the water heater.
  5. When everything is properly reconnected, turn the water on and wait for the water heater tank to fill. Set the water heater thermostat to 140 F and the water heater booster thermostat to the temperature desired.

And your house is prepared to boost the water heater next time there are multiple hot water tasks taking place at the same time! 

In Conclusion – Do You Have A Tankless Water Heater? 

We know that tankless water heaters are a great addition to most homes, but we also know they can be overwhelmed when too many hot water accesses are in use at the same time. 

So, can a tankless water heater be used as a booster? You can purchase individual boosters for your tankless water heater. They are installed at each water connection, like at the kitchen sink or each bathroom sink.

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